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Best In-Ear Monitors For Drummers

February 23, 2016

Best In-Ear Monitors For Drummers

In-ear monitors (IEM) aren’t new inventions. However, these seemingly unassuming devices are creating a buzz nowadays. Health professionals, particularly those who specialize in ear care, emphasize the impact of earbuds on the users’ sense of hearing. The buzz about the impact is amplified because presently, a lot of people use these devices to listen to music from their phones or mp3 players.

The problem with earbuds, is they lack any substantial ability to block out external noise, and so people compensate by turning up the volume. This is where a good pair of in-ear monitors come in.

Listening to music can be soothing, but the excessive exploit of hearing devices may damage the ears. This is why it is essential to buy the best in-ear monitors – there is no need to play the music any louder than required with high-quality IEM’s. The best IEM’s will have the best noise-isolation capabilities, and will sound great in lower volumes. Also, regarding drummers or other percussion instrument players, IEM’s will help mitigate any potential hearing loss from the drums themselves.

Not surprisingly, one-third of the total power of a 75-piece orchestra comes from a single bass drum – this  demonstrates the drummer’s need for some good in-ear monitors. Imagine the impact on your eardrums over the years if left unprotected.

We went ahead and wrote this article as a one-stop-shop guide for the top 10 best in-ear monitors for drummers – to not only protect your own ears, but to improve coordination and to help you play better. The best in-ear monitors for drummers also happen to be the best IEM’s for general use as well – they must sound great, must provide excellent noise-isolation, they should be comfortable, and they should be sturdy enough to last a while.

6. Puro Sound Labs IEM500 Review

Ear monitors are an essential part of your arsenal as a drummer. It dampens the ambient sound and lets you hear only the essentials. Others, including myself, use them to listen to music while practicing. Enough background sound and the thumps of your stick — those are basically all you need. In-ear monitors may be cheap and comfortable, but notorious for not having enough noise-cancelling capabilities. The Puro Sound Labs IEM500 defies that last notion and more.

At 1KHz, the Puro Sound Labs IEM500 is capable of sealing out 94% of the sounds. This is possible with the 5 sizes of ear tips provided with the package. The design and the materials used combine to give that glove-like sealing out of the background noise. Great sound gets even better because of this seal.

With a patent-pending phase optimization technology, sound reproduction is at par with high-end monitors that are above and beyond the price range of the IEM500. Each earphone is equipped with a couple of dynamic titanium drivers. One is a 5.8-mm tweeter and the other, an 8-mm woofer. This in-ear monitor produces sounds between 20 Hz to 20 KHz, with less than 1% harmonic distortion at an output of 106 dB. Feel and hear those bass, mids, and highs in perfect clarity previously only available in studio-grade over-the-ear headphones.

The same 5 pairs of ear tips in varying sizes also ensure comfort when you have to wear your in-ear monitors for long hours during grueling practice sessions or live performances. Plus, the lightweight materials used make the IEM500 almost feel that you’re not wearing anything at all.

The use of materials like aluminum and plastic may make the IEM500 a lightweight in its category, but Puro Labs did not sacrifice quality and durability. You can feel the sturdiness of this headset because of the metal body, the titanium drivers, and the high-impact plastic construction.

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