The SAFEST Kids Headphones on the market - As featured in the New York Times, Good Morning America, USA Today and The Wirecutter!

What if you wanted a perfect balance of things?

October 14, 2015

-- JeffreyB, Poc Network - "A full-like dynamic range, a decent amount of lows and a surprising amount of accuracy–all while never gaining any distortion, regardless of how high you take them...These actually do a wonderful job of combining the both."

“If you are an audiophile or dabbler in the world of high-res music and are looking for an in-ear solution at a decent price, these will match up well to you.”

"Great for accurate vocals and instruments. Perfect for acoustic tracks or just about anything high-res (FLAC, DTS. DVD-A, etc). They work well for both recreational use and professional." 

“They defeat most if not all of the typical store-bought brands.”

“They do knock on the door of these other competitors though. This makes the IEM-500’s a great buy if you ok with putting down the money for a quality in-ear solution."