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Review: Puro BT5200 Bluetooth Headphones

March 29, 2016

Puro BT5200 Bluetooth Headphones combine state-of-the-art audio quality with a convenient carrying case ideal for traveling.

My family and I recently traveled during spring break to our favorite location in Colorado. As you know, Spencer cannot go anywhere without headphones because he is always listening to music. His favorite brand of headphones is Puro. They recently released a new on-ear headphones; the model is the Puro  BT5200 Bluetooth Headphones. The headphones combine state-of-the-art audio quality that provides studio-grade quality, Bluetooth capability, built-in microphone and Healthy Ear Technology with advanced volume monitoring for safer listening.

The Healthy Ear Technology continuously monitors volume levels and indicates the decibel level through the LED indicator on the ear cup. There LED indicator has three colors that show the decibel levels they include:

Green indicates 85 dB levels or less. This decibel level is ideal and can be enjoyed for up to eight hours.

Yellow indicates 85 dB to 95 dB. When the headphones are at this decibel level caution should be considered and should not listen to more than two hours at this level.

Red indicates 95 dB greater. When the indicator is red, it is suggested to stop listening at this level or to limit listening at this level to 15 minutes a day.

The Puro BT5200 Bluetooth Headphones features:

  • Wireless headphones compatible with Android devices, iPhone, iPad, and other Bluetooth devices.
  • Advanced microprocessor drive and LED volume indicator for safer listening levels.
  • The Puro Balanced Response® curve with 40 mm custom dynamic drivers.
  • State-of-the-art audio sound with a lightweight, durable aluminum construction.
  • Maximum comfort with protein leather ear cushions and headband.
  • Built-in high sensitivity microphone.
  • Convenient construction that folds flat to fit in the carrying case.
  • There is also volume limiting which allows an 85 dB sound limit option.
  • Ambient noise attenuation 82%.
  • 24-hour battery life for music playback and up to 260 hours standby.

The headphones are available in black/silver or tan/gold color. The headphones are packaged in a durable box that contains the following;

  • BT5200 Headphone
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • USB Charging cable
  • 3.5mm Auxiliary Audio Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Spencer loves the sound quality, convenience, and wireless features of the Puro BT5200 Bluetooth headphones. I appreciate the fact that they offer volume monitoring ear protection, so I don’t have to worry about him losing his hearing for listening to music too loud. The style, comfort and hard carrying case are also attributes that are perfect for traveling. There is also 100% satisfaction guarantee up to 30 days, as well as, one-year warranty. Additionally, when you purchase headphones from Puro, a portion of the proceeds is donated to Support the Hearing Health Foundation. To learn more about Puro and the vast array of products available visit the website.

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