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Head-Fi: CanJam London 2016 Experience and Multi-Product Reviews

October 07, 2016

Puro Sound Labs IEM100 

The IEM100 is an IEM that is primarily designed with your hearing health in mind.  The IEM100’s Y-connect double-duties as a volume regulator.  There is a hard limiter that you can set goes up to about 75% of the available full setting that means that when you hit it, it’s the full volume of what is the maximum of save hearing that can be listened with a connected device such as a smartphone or DAP.  Once you push the limiter to its maximum, the sound can get quite loud.  I like the ability to set my volume level limits on the fly to try to save my hearing as best as possible.  

Fit is good as the housing is very lightweight, curved, plastic, and fits in my ear canals without any issue at all.  The cable is sturdy, but doesn’t come with strain relief at the jack portion of the cable. 

I would say the sound is very treble focused, with not a whole lot going in the lower registers, and the midrange sounds slightly recessed as well.  Soundstage and imaging is satisfactory, and detail is higher than average.  If you are a treble lover, the IEM100 is worth a listen.  If you want more detail and more overall quantity and quality out of the midrange and bass, look for a discontinued IEM500, if you can.


Puro Sound Labs IEM-200 

The IEM-200 is an IEM (just like the IEM100) that is primarily designed with your hearing health in mind.  The IEM-200’s Y-connect also acts as a remote.  The remote has only one button, but is very easy to operate, and works as such with my iPhone 6

  • One button press to play/pause and take or end calls. 
  • Two button presses to track forward.
  • Three button presses to track at the start of the current song/track backward.
  • There isn’t any fast forward or backward functionality.
  •  Hold the button to summon Siri.

Unlike the IEM100, there is no onboard volume regulator for you to set your lower volume listening.  Rather, they made the IEM-200 a lot harder to drive than the IEM100.  At half-volume on my iPhone 6, listening to Britney Spear’s new album on TIDAL (it’s not bad!) the volume is just a bit too low for me.  The volume doesn’t start to get loud to my ears until 15 or 16 (max volume) on the iPhone 6.  If you like hearing your music loud, you’ll need to either use a dedicated DAP that will be able to power the IEM-200 louder, or attach a DAC/amp to your device to listen to it.

It’s difficult for me to pick a sound that I like more from the Puro Sound Labs series, the IEM-200 or the discontinued IEM500.  While the IEM500 is also difficult to drive, the hybrid IEM has a real smooth sound with good punch – a sound that is tough to duplicate from competitors.  The IEM-200, by contrast, is a different beast in itself.  The midbass and midrange are the stars of the show to my ears.  Some may call it boomy, and some may call it immersive, but the IEM-200 has a sound that sounds really good with modern music as well as music that may need a little bit of bass in their tracks.  The layering between images is broad enough to not congest the entire sound, and as a result the sound has good depth, with good headstage as well.  My guess is that people will want to listen with a system that can truly bring out the best out of the IEM-200.  For the price, it is a fine-sounding IEM that wants to save your hearing, but sounds good enough to make you want to break its own rules.

Puro BT2200

The BT2200 is a Bluetooth headphone that is designed to save your children’s hearing, as the headphone was designed with the Balanced Response sound curve, which means there is technology that is designed to limit the volume that your children are listening to audio with the BT2200.  What Puro claims is that it "is the best sounding kids headphone available in the market today.  Period."  I would say that for a children’s headphone, it sounds pretty good, compared to the few that I’ve listened to.  However, when comparing it to a headphone that is designed for ultimate fidelity, not quite. 

The sound is pretty single-toned, but the frequencies it does emit, it manages to sound relatively compliant.  I would think that a child listening to the headphone wouldn’t mind the sound at all, and as a parent I would be much happier that a headphone that they are listening to (especially when paired with the volume-limiting cable) will keep my child’s ears nice and safe from the loudness that can emit from headphones if their volume is much too loud.  The BT2200 is not suitable for adults, because, theheadphone is sized for much smaller heads, so it is perfect for those in lower grade schools, up to probably middle/primary school.  If you want a more thoroughly rich and coherent sound, and you have an adult-sized noggin, then you’ll want to step to Puro’s BT5200 Bluetooth headphone.


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