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Tips for Traveling with Kids

November 16, 2017

Tips for Traveling with Kids

Holiday season is fast-approaching and that means holiday travel. We know that can be a scary phrase to hear, but this year make traveling with kids fun and easy with Puro Sound Lab’s family travel tips.


1. Keep Them Entertained

A bored kid is a cranky kid, and cranky kids lead to unhappy parents. Be proactive and make sure you have plenty of activities to keep your kids entertained through traffic, long lines, and cross-country flights.

Pack books, magazines, puzzles, and coloring books. Play simple games like i-Spy, cards, or the license plate game. Keep phones and tablets fully charged and loaded with offline content. And of course, make sure they listen safely with Puro Sound headphones.


2. Keep Them Comfy

It’s hard enough to get your children to sit still for a more than a few minutes. Don’t make it any harder for them by dressing them up in uncomfortable clothing. Pull out the lounge clothing - sweatpants and sweatshirts - and watch as your kids slip into lounge mode. Plus, when they inevitably spill on themselves, it won’t be a big deal.



3. Keep Them Full

Travel can be long and unpredictable. Unfortunately, your kids' stomachs don’t always cooperate. Instead of having to endure endless complaints of “Mom, I’m hungry” when you’re in the middle of airport security or a gridlocked highway, take the necessary steps ahead of time.

First, make sure your kids eat a nutritious meal before leaving the house. Second, pack a snack bag to hold them over when the hunger strikes. You’ll be surprised by how even simple treats like apples, nuts, granola bars, carrots, and chocolate can keep your child satisfied until it’s time for the next meal.

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