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Featured Audiologist


We have the privilege of working with some fantastic audiologists from around the world, so we thought we'd
recognize their efforts and provide our customers with trusted resources to protect your hearing.


Dr. Melissa Wilson, Sound Speech and Hearing Clinic

 1) What is the name of your audiology practice?

Sound Speech and Hearing Clinic

2) Where is your practice located?

San Francisco, California 

3) What makes your practice different?

Our practice is comprehensive. We are the Bay Area’s only private practice that provides speech, language, hearing, and auditory processing services under one roof. We collaborate on all aspects of patient care,
and we have fun while doing it. Our motto is “Celebrate Communication” and we try to live that out every
day at work.

4) Where did you attend school/training?

I completed an undergraduate degree in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences at the University of Kansas, with a foreign language focus in American Sign Language. I then completed graduate studies for a Doctor of Audiology degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

5) What is your favorite movie (s) of all time?

It’s a toss-up between three alien movies: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Contact, and Arrival.

6) What’s your favorite kind of food?

A Greek or Turkish meze platter… with some wine, of course!

7) What do you do for fun?

I try to remember that if ever I complain about being bored in the Bay Area, then it is I who has become boring. So, I sign up for random things – from Beyoncé dance classes to screen-printing to stand up paddle boarding, I will try anything! I grew up in land-locked Kansas so I try to get outside as much as possible to hike and explore the endless ocean views. But honestly, sometimes my idea of fun is going home after a long week and staying in on a Friday night with a good book.

8) Why do you think Puros are the best headphones to protect one’s hearing?

Puro headphones allow the listener to enjoy studio quality sound without compromising the very structures that enable the listener to do so! In other words, music is only going to sound as good as the system that receives it (in this case the auditory system). Puro headphones are the best because the company embraces patient education, enabling the listener to practice safe listening habits – but without compromising sound quality.

9) What else would you recommend to your clients to protect their hearing?

I have three standing recommendations to all patients: use volume limiting headphones (Puro Sound!!!), use safe listening habits (our clinic makes it a mission to distribute educational handouts from the American Speech Language Hearing Association and the American Academy of Audiology to our patients and other providers), and use hearing protection in noisy environments (I’m a huge fan of Westone TRU customs for loud concerts, sporting events, exercise classes, etc, and I recommend that parents invest in age-appropriate earmuffs for their little ones).