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Hearing Test Step 2

Step #2: Listen to the individual sound test files

  1. With your headphones on, click on the top file button on first column (Column A).  (You probably will not hear anything unless you have very keen hearing.)  
  2. Proceed to click on each of the buttons in Column A moving from top to bottom.  Stop on the button when you first hear a tone. (Don't worry if you don't hear any sounds until you click on several buttons  down the column;  Keep clicking down the column until you hear a tone.) 
  3. Next, go to the top of Column B and repeat by clicking on the buttons working from the top to the bottom.  Stop on the button when the tone becomes just audible. 
  4. Repeat for columns C-F.
  5. When you are done, scroll down to Step #3 to see your results.