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The Yin and Yang of Puro Sound

To get the sound quality we want in our products, we needed an audiophile and an engineer, a balance of yin and yang, to design Puro Sound Labs headphones. We found both in one person, Jason Wehner, an audio engineer with a golden ear, who has spent his entire career in pursuit of understanding what is great about great sound.
The audiophile in Jason knew the flawless sound we were after, the almost three-dimensional quality that comes from high-end loudspeakers in a perfectly tuned listening room. The challenge was figuring out how to create that same sound quality in a pair of reasonably priced headphones.
At Puro, we like to say great sound is about great curves. Jason the engineer understood that great sound is all about dynamic range, transient response and great frequency response curves. He measured the sound from pairs of audiophile loudspeakers played in a properly tuned listening room. Over and over until what he felt was perfect, natural sound had been captured. This characterized response became the basis for our Puro Balanced Response® curve.
Using this response curve, we created the components that would deliver the truest, most natural sound, and then we tuned them to yin-yang perfection.
Puro Balanced Response® is science in the service of art. Science that enables the art to soar. It's the man behind the curtain, our relentless commitment to bring Puro Balanced Response® to every pair of headphones from Puro Sound Labs.