You Can Lose Your Hearing Various Ways

You Can Lose Your Hearing Various Ways

Everyone knows that getting older usually means loss of hearing.

But according to Jamie Purdy, an audiologist at the Memorial Hearing Center, they’re seeing more and more cases of tweens and teens suffering from hearing loss.

“It’s more common over the age of 50.  However, we’re finding more teens and tweens with hearing loss from noise exposure, from listening to loud music,” says Purdy.

Purdy says the fact that headphones and ear buds can be louder is one of the leading causes.

Purdy explains some of the treatment options for those with hearing loss.

“It depends on the cause of the hearing loss,” says Purdy.  “Some heading losses are caused by infections or other middle ear problems.  Some of those can be corrected medically or surgically.  We look, when we do the full evaluation, to find out where the hearing loss is coming from, and then we can give a better idea as to what treatment options are available.”

The entire month of May, the Memorial Hearing Center will be giving out free hearing screenings for those who think they might be suffering from hearing loss.

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