Cut back on the noise for kids

June 01, 2016

Cut back on the noise for kids

You know that protecting your child’s hearing is important, so this summer keep in mind situations where children are exposed to loud noise. Following the three simple steps below suggested by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s “Listen to Your Buds” campaign can help prevent noise-induced hearing loss related to the use of headphones and can also be applied to other common sources of loud noise exposure during summer.

Turn down the volume

For a lot of children, summertime means more opportunity to enjoy their favorite music and videos. Research has shown that listening to loud music on a personal listening device is significantly associated with increased risk of hearing loss. Some ideas for “turning down the volume” include avoiding the use of personal listening devices for as long as is reasonable for your child. Without the introduction by family, many young children are happy not to use their own listening devices. Second, consider using an app that sets limits on the device’s volume. Some devices and earphones already have volume-limiting options.

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