Teens Should Be Concerned With Loud Music

Teens Should Be Concerned With Loud Music

Blasting those tunes through your headphones can result in hearing problems when you are older. Parents have given that warning to their children for years — and well they should. Audiologists fear young people are causing serious damage to their hearing today by listening to loud music through earphones for extended periods of time. This practice is likely to result in tinnitus and loss of hearing in later years.

A national study released just a few years ago found one in five teens suffers from a slight hearing loss. That means as many as 6.5 million young Americans could experience some hearing loss.

Hearing experts have long argued digital players should be designed to prevent people playing music above 90 decibels,which is about two-thirds of the maximum volume of a typical device. Audiologists also warn that earbuds, the style of headphones favored by many, may be particularly harmful. If the earbuds don’t fit properly, the user will turn up the volume to block outside noise.

Hearing loss is something few think about when they are young. Even so, it is the carelessness of youth that haunts many when they are older.

By using common sense and caution when using headphones, young people can protect their hearing and look forward to enjoying their tunes well into their golden years.

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