Hearing loss impacting younger ages

Hearing loss impacting younger ages

Doctors at Marshfield Clinic in Chippewa Falls says those exposed to loud noises may be at risk for losing their hearing at younger ages.

Dr. Nancy Huebler said, “Most of the time people don't come in until it's really starting to cause a problem but by then it's really gotten to a much more advance point.”

As an audiologist Huebler says she sees patients like Chris Krueger, 33, who’ve been around loud machinery most of their lives and are now experiencing a loss of hearing.

“We do certainly see noise induced hearing loss in younger people,” explained Huebler. “I think what happens is people don't always go in for a hearing evaluation like they'll go in and have their eyes checked, teeth check, or go in for a physical but they don't always think to do a hearing evaluation until there is a problem.”

Krueger says he realized he need a check-up when he realized his loss of hearing could impact his family.

“When you've got little kids and they're calling your name and you can't hear it, it's time to take a change,” said Krueger. “I've got little kids that need a dad; need someone to look out for them.”

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