Gadget User Reviews JuniorJams

Gadget User Reviews JuniorJams

Introduce Your Kids To Audio Safely With JuniorJams

September 29, 2020

Children are becoming exposed to media from a very early age and they can now listen to all of their favourite songs safely thanks to the launch of JuniorJams headphones which prevents any audio from exceeding safe noise limits.

As children’s eardrums can be very sensitive, the Junior James have been designed to prevent audio from reaching beyond 85Db — the recognized limit for safe volume and avoiding risk of long-term hearing problems.

Whilst the noise levels are restricted, the JuniorJams have noise-cancelling features built in which reduces ambient noise levels by 87% allowing them to still enjoy their tunes and videos without any unwanted interruptions.

Alongside the noise-managing technology, the JuniorJams have been designed with little ears in mind with some interesting features such as:

  • The headphones frame is made from a light plastic and can be easily adjusted to fit over a child’s head comfortably allowing them to be used as they grow without digging into their scalp and irritating their skin.
  • The device is completely wireless and can run for 22 hours without needing to be charged and can use Bluetooth to any device within a 30ft (10m) distance.
  • The JuniorJams headphones come in a range of colours such as pink, blue and green allowing kids to pick their favourite colours and show off their style to the world.

With the JuniorJams blending style with substance as well as protecting their eardrums from the offset, they are a must have gadget for any little ears who love their music.

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