We’ve had quite a few pairs of headphones for the kids over the years – from soft headband types which they found too hot and the sound quality poor, to cheapy ones from Tesco which broke easily. Amy had a fancy pair where you could add in an extra cable so two people could listen to the same thing at once – but she seems to be really tough on cables and was constantly suffering with a loose connection and needing a replacement cable. We recently invested in three new sets of headphones ahead of our trip to France which are currently doing the trick – but I know that they won’t last long – it’s a tough balance between buying cheap and knowing they’re probably not great quality or investing in more expensive headphones and risking them getting damaged. (And of course investing in three sets of more expensive headphones is heavy going on the bank balance!)

Introducing the new PuroQuiet headphones for children

We’ve recently been sent a pair of the new PuroQuiet headphones from Puro Sounds – these headphone are specifically designed for children and teens featuring a custom, built-in software limiter that keeps the volume below 85 decibels to guard against noise-induced hearing loss.

Earlier this year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) commented, “Nearly 50% of people aged 12-35 years – or 1.1 billion young people – are at risk of hearing loss due to prolonged and excessive exposure to loud sounds, including music they listen to through personal audio devices.”

Protecting young ears from noise-induced hearing loss

I’ve always been conscious of the potential for permanent hearing loss caused by listening to loud music – and we’ve always told the kids if they can’t hear us talking to them when they’ve got their headphones on, then whatever they are listening to is too loud but it can be really difficult to control and keep an eye on volume levels when they are wearing headphones. The PuroQuiet takes away that worry by automatically limiting volume to 85dB (as recommended by Hearing Health Foundation, OSHA and World Health Organisation as the safe maximum listening level).

Wireless headphones connect with Bluetooth

Ben however doesn’t care about the volume controls and safety of his ears – what he cares about is that his fancy new studio-grade headphones are wireless, comfortable and look cool! The headphones charge via usb and give up to 16 hours of playtime with noise cancellation activated or 22 hours of normal playtime, and 200 hours of standby on a single charge – meaning they should always be ready to use and won’t give up on you during a long car journey. The headphones connect to Ben’s tablet via Bluetooth but as his Xbox doesn’t feature Bluetooth, he can connect to that with an aux cable which comes with the headphones.

Active Noise Cancellation can be turned on and off

The Puro Sounds Labs, PuroQuiet headphones benefit from super comfortable, noise-isolating ear-pads. At first Dave and I weren’t convinced that the active noise cancellation feature was necessarily a good thing – it can be hard enough to get Ben to listen to us at the best of times! However the ANC can be turned on and off – meaning that the headphones can still provide clean, clear sound even in a noisy environment – without the need to crank up the volume!

The headphones come with a protective carry case

Because the comfortable padded band of the head phones is adjustable, all three of our children can happily wear the PuroQuiet headphones, but safe to say they have been fully adopted by Ben! (I don’t mind that so much as, at almost 10, I think I can trust him to look after them properly!) And, while we’re on the subject of looking after them properly, the headphones come in a fab carry case which allows them to be kept safe and also provides a safe space for the 3.5m audio cable and usb charging cable – presuming of course you can trust your child / teen to put things back where they came from . . .


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