Digital Trends PuroPro Review at CES 2020

January 24, 2020

Digital Trends PuroPro Review at CES 2020

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Puro’s new cans offer a lot of the features we expect in a pair of top-flight wireless headphones, including noise cancellation with two adjustable modes, solid sound, and battery life of up to 32 hours without noise-canceling, and 28 hours with it. But they also offer something unique to the travel-can marketplace: Volume limiting.

The company was created to design headphones for children that wouldn’t allow them to crank up the volume after the founder’s daughter incurred hearing loss from her regular headphones. But, as it turns out, adults aren’t much better at regulating their sound, so the PuroPro now do the same for us. The cans limit sound to 85dB automatically (no matter how far you crank up your phone). That’s frankly as loud as anyone needs, but because we’re adults, you can also engage a feature that allows them to go up to 95dB, so at least you’ll know when you’re being careless with your long-term hearing. Now, that’s innovation.


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