Hearing loss is permanent-prevention matters

Hearing loss is permanent-prevention matters

With the recent advances in science and technology, many assume that all medical issues are easily curable.  However, some ailments are permanent and incurable. Noise induced hearing loss is permanent and incurable. Once there is damage to the nerves in the ear, it is irreversible.  Therefore, it is critical that you take preventative measures to protect you and your family’s hearing.

There are several ways that hearing can be damaged, but the most common is through prolonged exposure to loud noise.  Noise-induced hearing loss is caused by damage to the hair cells in the ears that are used to detect sound waves inside the cochlea.  How these hairs vibrate translates into what we hear by turning the movement of the hair into electrical impulses in the auditory nerve.  However, when confronted with sound that is too loud, the pressure from the decibels can permanently damage the hairs and prevent them working. Because different groups of hairs respond to different sound frequencies, it is often specific frequencies, usually the higher ones, that cause the most damage.

Unfortunately, such damage is irreversible, and creates permanent hearing loss for the effected frequencies. This kind of damage, called noise-induced hearing loss, is more common than you may think. For instance, trains, trucks and construction equipment like bulldozers are all loud enough to cause hearing damage from long exposure. This is why operators of such equipment wear ear protection, as the continued exposure to high-decibel sound can cause severe damage.

There is an even more common danger to our hearing – headphones.  Even the very best kid’s headphones can be turned up loud enough to cause permanent hearing problems.  This must be a consideration for every parent when buying new headphones for their children.

Fortunately, the Puro Sound Labs range of volume limiting kid’s headphones deal with the risk effectively by ensuring that the headphones’ decibel-level are limited to a safe level.  Puro Sound Labs recognize that the best way to avoid turning sound up too loud, even by accident, is to limit the sound levels their kid’s wireless headphones can deliver, so they are always safe no matter what.

The Puro Sound Labs Bluetooth kid’s headphones are also comfortable to wear and come in a range of colors kids will love, so your child gets great headphones that they adore, and you get the protection for their hearing you want too. With so many sufferings from noise-induced hearing loss, it pays to take precautions - and volume limiting kid’s headphones from Puro Sound Labs are a great way to keep your child’s hearing safe.