Noise Pollution can be just as harmful as chemical pollution, but we often ignore it

Noise Pollution can be just as harmful as chemical pollution, but we often ignore it

Modern life has brought many advantages to us all, but the machines and other equipment we use for so many things today are also presenting us with new health concerns. One of those is noise. In New York City alone, the city receives about 50,000 non-emergency calls every day, and by far the largest complaint is noise. When you consider that in midtown Manhattan, ambient noise levels in the city can reach as high as 95dB, a combination of traffic, machinery and the daily hustle of life, it is not surprising that so many complain. Especially when you take into account that the government’s own health advice about noise suggests that  70dB is the limit before levels start affecting hearing permanently.

In fact, some are calling these ambient noise levels ‘the new secondhand smoke’, as unwitting bystanders are being put at risk by noise generated by others. The problem is that constant exposure to volume levels above 85dB causes an issue known as noise-induced hearing loss, and the effects are permanent. The effects can be subtle, affecting specific frequencies, in particular making low volume speech such a s a whisper hard to hear, but it is a problem affecting an increasing number of people all over the country.

In fact, 1 in 5 teenagers today show some symptoms of noise-induced hearing loss, and it’s not just the noisy environments of our cities that are contributing. Turned up to full volume, digital music players and phones can reach as much as 130dB, and that is louder than a construction site. You can imagine how easily it is to damage hearing with that level of volume.

Listening to music on the go through headphones is not going away though, and having headphones on in a noisy area can help in dealing with loud environments, but you don’t want your child turning up the volume that loud, so what is the answer? Puro Sound Labs range of  headphones that make sure your child never has the music, video or game too loud. Their range of volume limiting kids’ headphones feature built in circuitry to make sure that however far the volume is turned up, inside the headphones, the volume never reaches levels above 85 dB.

Stylish and comfortable, not only do they protect sensitive hearing, but they are the best kid’s headphones on the market today. These Bluetooth kid’s headphones are easy to use, pairing with most devices seamlessly, while providing that volume limit that will keep your child's hearing safe. Of course, as kid’s wireless headphones, they also allow your child to use them on the way to school or wherever they may be, and that can help block out the high levels of noise outside too, avoiding other issues that can lead to hearing problems as well. A set of noise limiting kid’s Bluetooth headphones makes a great investment in your child’s hearing health, let them listen in safety with Puro Sound Labs.