PuroGamer Review by SDGT Studio

PuroGamer Review by SDGT Studio

Puro Sound Labs: PuroGamer Headphones... Reviewed!


The PuroGamer Volume Limited Gaming Headphones hit the mark with quality, sound, and safety. These headphones aren't just delivering clear sound... they're also protecting your ears, but how do they hold up when it comes to gaming? Let's find out... after an unboxing of course!

Puro Sound Labs sent this package to the studio... just before I hit the road for a trip, and I looked forward to the first sight of downtime so I could check it out!



One of the biggest reasons why I like these headphones so much, is the fact that my daughter can utilize them without me fearing a negative impact on her hearing. She's 2 years old at the time of this review (2019), but... she's never too young to do some sort of gaming (right now they're primarily educational).

Anyway, I know people who wear sound amplifiers on their ears because they can't hear that well, and it's a result of being exposed to loud sounds for a dangerous amount of time... which is sound induced hearing loss. So parents with aspiring gamers may find an interest in these headphones.

We know that hearing problems exist and can be caused by a variety of loud sounds... but this is one of the few companies doing something about this preventable problem (and doing so in quality way that can also be appreciated by teens and adults. So while they can be worn and used by children, they're adjustable and can be worn by teens and adults also... without feeling like you're wearing child headphones or something (they're more like the everyone headphones + kids).

Inside the box you have:

PuroGamer Headphones w/ Control Box & Split Plug Connection

Detachable Mic

Soft Travel Bag

Quick Start Guide


Sound 5
Quality 5
Comfort 4
Price 5
4.75 out of 5 Cool Points


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