PuroQuiet Headphones for Kids // AD

PuroQuiet Headphones for Kids // AD

Whenever my eldest wants to play on his tablet, this usually means he wants to turn up the music and play a cars racing game. I don’t mind him having some time out on the tablet but I do mind the noise that comes with it. There’s only so much trance music and the revving of engines one Mummy can take so when Puro Sound Labs asked us if we wanted to take a look at the PuroQuiet Headphones designed especially for kids, it was music to my ears.

When I first showed Olly the PuroQuiet headphones, he didn’t quite believe me that they were designed for children. They look really smart with their metallic blue luster and come in their own hard travel case. These headphones are ideal for travelling with and we’ll be taking them away with us on the plane in a few weeks when we go on holiday.

USB charged

The PuroQuiet headphones from PuroSound charge up via USB (which is included) and take up to 3 hours to charge. There’s a light which indicates their charging status on the bottom of the headset. Red LED indicates it’s charging whereas a blue LED means it’s fully charged. The headphones have an excellent battery life and can last for up to 22 hours play time. We haven’t had anywhere near 22 hours playtime yet and they’re still going strong.

Easy to pair with bluetooth

Once fully charged up, I paired the headphones with my iPad. They pair with any IOS and Android system and I found this to be a really easy process. The headphones appeared in the list of bluetooth devices and the pairing process began. It took less than a minute and my sons car game music came through the headphones loud and really clear.

PuroQuiet headphones with ANC technology

The PuroQuiet headphones have Active Noise Cancelling technology which means that they block out background sound up to 22 dB. Switching on the ANC button puts the outside world on mute and cuts out other noises that may distract the user from listening to audio.

One of the best things about the PuroQuiet headphones is that they have Volume Limiting Ear Protection. This means that they have a limit of 85 dB sounds and therefore your children’s ears are protected and unable to reach beyond these noise volumes. It’s really good to know that 85 dB is recommended by Hearing Health Foundation, OSHA and World Health Organisation as the safe listening level for children.

Safe to use for children

I love that these headphones work via bluetooth. I really don’t like headphones with wires and cables especially with children using them so the PuroQuiet headphones are brilliant as they’re wireless so entirely safe for my children to use. They have a wireless range of up to 32ft but lets face it my son is never going to part with his tablet if he doesn’t have to so I needn’t worry about them losing connection.

Olly’s been wearing the headphones for a month now when using the tablet and he’s found them really comfortable. They don’t sit heavy on his head, they only weigh 169g so not heavy at all. They’re really soft and gentle on his little ears thanks to the super soft protein leather wrapped headband and ear cushions. They have a sliding arm too so children can adjust them to their head shape and size.

We have been really pleased with the PuroQuiet headphones, Olly has loved wearing them and will happily sit in our bedroom playing on his tablet whilst I get on with some work before bedtime. We can’t wait to take them away with us on holiday as I think they’re going to be invaluable on the plane and when we’re travelling. No-one wants to hear a six year olds music blaring out on their holidays so they’ll be so useful. But don’t just take our word for it, Colette from Going On An Adventure has reviewed them on her blog and her children love them too!

The PuroQuiet Headphones are available in blue / black and pink / white colour ways and are currently on sale with Amazon for £69.99 (RRP £89.99) until 16th August 2019.

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