Rock Music is not the only cause of Noise-induced hearing loss

Rock Music is not the only cause of Noise-induced hearing loss

Did you know that over half of all people between the ages of 12 and 35 have the volume on their headphones set to unsafe levels? Its an epidemic that is going largely unnoticed, as music players and phones have taken over the world in recent years. We look at all the benefits of digital music, but we forget that how we consume that music has also changed.

Just 35 years ago the Walkman was launched, and the idea of walking along listening to music on headphones really took off. Before that, it wasn’t so common, and we don’t always realize the risks of this new way of listening to media. Its very easy to have the volume turned up to far on headphones, and that can result in noise-induced hearing loss.

The thing is, its common to think about rock music when discussing loud music, and for many parents this can be a real mistake. While traditionally rock music has a reputation for being loud, with modern digital music players and headphones, anything can be too loud. You can fall into a trap of thinking if your child is listening to pop music, an audio book, even The Wiggles, that they are safe. However, the reality is that with the volume turned up too far, any of these can contribute to noise-induced hearing loss.

It doesn’t have to be music either, with tablets and phones being used to stream video, even watching YouTube to loudly can cause trouble over time. As a parent this is a nightmare, you can’t completely control kids every minute of the day, and so the risk of exposure to sounds of any sort that are too loud is significant. That is why a way to restrict volume that can’t be bypassed is key.

Puro Sound Labs volume limiting kids’ headphones work so to limit the listening level to 85 decibels. Because they have built in circuitry to keep volumes at safe levels regardless of how far the volume is turned up on the phone or tablet, they are great for everyone. The Bluetooth kid’s headphones are consistently voted as some of the best kid’s headphones around, not just because of the noise assistance, but comfort and great looks that kid’s love too. That’s important, because they can’t protect hearing if your child doesn’t like them and doesn’t wear them.

Puro kid’s wireless headphones stop the volume being turned up too far, whether on purpose or by accident, and that gives you great peace of mind and helps prevent any potential problems through sound volume. Whether listening to music or using kid’s Bluetooth headphones for videos and gaming, they are the best kid’s headphones for ensuring that your children avoid the causes of noise-induced hearing loss from their headphones.

Whatever precautions you take over your child’s hearing, it is important to remember that no matter what they are listening too, from a video game to an audio book, that risk to hearing if they turn the volume up is always there, so make sure your child has the best kid’s headphone option every time and that they use Puro Sound Labs Volume Limited Headphones.