Seeing beyond the myths of noise-induced hearing loss

Seeing beyond the myths of noise-induced hearing loss

It is estimated that around 15% of all Americans between the ages of 20 and 69 have hearing damage as a result of noise. For 12 to 19-year old Americans, that figure rises to 20%, and the medical world recognizes the danger of noise-induced hearing loss, that is hearing damage as a result of prologues exposure to loud noise, represents.

However, this issue has the potential to affect so many of us, and it remains a relatively unknown phenomenon. That is why it is important to separate fact from myth when it comes to protecting ourselves and our children from the danger of noise-induced hearing loss.

It’s only a temporary problem

This is often heard, hearing damage from exposure to loud noise is not such a major issue because it goes away after a while. The reality is that any damage to your hearing is permanent, once those hair cells in the auditory channel are damaged, they are damaged for good. Any noise-induced hearing loss is never going away, there is no medical cure, and it will be with you or your child for life.

I’d notice if it were affecting me

Maybe the most common statement made about hearing loss of this kind, is that it is not happening because you would notice right away. Hearing loss simply doesn’t work like that, its true that after leaving a loud concert, you may find you have reduced hearing but that comes back after a while. Permanent hearing damage is not something you pick up on immediately, and often occurs over an extended period of months, and is often unnoticed until someone else recognizes you are not hearing as well any more.

There’s nothing you can do about it

This is a sad one, but you do hear it, accepting that noise-induced hearing loss is just one of those things, nothing you can do about it. In fact. There is a lot you can do, at work in noisy environments, using ear protection to prevent damage, avoiding exposure to long periods of loud noise in general, but there is another area where everyone should be taking action.

One of the major causes of teenage noise-induced hearing loss is media players, smartphones, portable music players and so on that are listened to through kid’s Bluetooth headphones. Reaching volumes as high as 130dB, they can over time cause real problems, which is why Puro Sound Labs have brought out a range of volume limiting kid’s headphones to ensure your child doesn’t suffer from loud devices that can contribute to hearing loss.

The Puro Sound Labs Bluetooth kid’s headphones include an electronic limiter for volume, so that no matter how loud the player is turned up the sound heard never goes above 85 decibels. As a range of smart and stylish kid’s wireless headphones, they not only look and sound great, but they always protect your child’s ears whatever happens with the volume control of the device they are on. That’s the peace of mind every parent is looking for, and why they are the best kid’s headphones available today.