The 20 Best Tech Gifts Of 2018

The 20 Best Tech Gifts Of 2018
The 20 Best Tech Gifts Of 2018
By: Lee Neikirk for USA Today
Whether you're buying for a family member, a coworker, or your nerdy spouse, knowing which tech gizmos and gadgets are big-ticket items this holiday season ain't easy.

Does anything evolve faster than technology? By the time you come up with an answer, there's going to be a new wave of fitness trackers to drool over. The rapid-fire rate at which manufacturers iterate upon their tech products—whether they're TVs, laptops, or new ways to ask Alexa to drop the bass—can make it tricky to shop for tech gifts.

To help you be a little more knowledgey about technology, we've put together a list of 20 awesome tech gifts for all the different people in your life. Whether you've got a buddy who spends more time counting steps than he does counting sheep, or a spouse whose perfect Sunday is GrubHub and binge-watching, we've got you covered. These are the best tech gifts of 2018, according to Reviewed:

What do you get for a kid who loves listening to music all day? You don't want to risk letting your youngster damage their hearing, but at the same time, you don't want to discourage a budding passion for the universal language, either. Simply put, you need the best headphones for kids. That's where the Puro SoundLabs BT2200 over-ear headphones come in.

These cans elicit a hard focus on audio quality—meaning they won't compromise on all those beautiful highs, lows, and midtones—while also imposing an 85 dB volume limit, keeping music volume well within safe ranges for a growing audiophile's long-term listening. They're also Bluetooth 4.0 compatible, and come in a wide range of fun colors. Rock on!


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