The Holidays with Hearing Loss

The Holidays with Hearing Loss
The Holidays with Hearing Loss

The holidays can be one of the best times of year or the most challenging times of year, depending on your experience. We’re sure that you’ve seen at least one holiday movie that chronicles the (sometimes comedic) challenges that families face, no matter what holiday you celebrate. Now imagine experiencing the holidays with hearing loss. Not only is there added stress trying to navigate the events and get-togethers, but you also miss out on the excitement and magic that can make the holidays so memorable.


Today, we’re partnering with Hearlink, a company whose mission is to ensure that those with hearing loss live just as full and as rich a life as those without. Part of their work is information-sharing, specifically on their blog. They love to offer advice and knowledge about the world of audiology and in this post, they’ll share their advice on navigating the holidays with hearing loss.


Travel is the first roadblock (yes, yes…pun intended). If you’re crossing the country or going abroad to see your loved ones, you’ll want to plan ahead. Make sure to research hearing-impaired services that airlines offer on their Websites and email customers service as applicable. You’ll want to get to the airport early, to allow yourself time to have as stress-free an experience as possible. If you have a family member with hearing loss visiting you, arrive to pick him or her up in a timely manner. Bonus points for large signs with their names so that it’s easy for them to find you.


Accessories come in handy during this time of year. Take advantage of the hearing aid that works the best for you, so that you don’t miss any of the conversations at the dinner table. There are so many different options these days; you can choose inside-the-ear options, outside-the-ear-options, and more. There are also a plethora of applications that are being rolled out that can help in loud social scenarios.


Lastly, it wouldn’t be the holidays if you didn’t think about thoughtful gifts. If you have someone close to you that suffers from hearing lost, get creative about what you’re wrapping for them. Maybe it’s an alarm clock that leverages light versus sound, or maybe it’s a special pair of headphones that they can use to amplify music while they run. Make sure that you’re not giving them gifts that they’ll have a hard time using, that can definitely put a damper on the experience of receiving and unwrapping.


The bottom line here is patience and compassion. The purpose of holidays is celebration, especially appreciating time with those that you hold nearest and dearest. Whether you deal with hearing loss or are close to someone who does, assume positive intent. Communicate clearly and slowly and relish that you can still converse and connect.


Questions? Let us know. And be sure to check out the Hearlink Website to learn more about the world of audiology and the products that Hearlink has to offer.