Noise Induced Hearing Loss And How To Keep Your Child Safe

Noise Induced Hearing Loss And How To Keep Your Child Safe

What Is Noise Induced Hearing Loss?

First I’d like to touch on exactly what Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is and that is much as it sounds- in short, hearing loss caused by noise. It is a a form of hearing loss that develops when the mechanisms of the inner ear are damaged by exposure to harmful sound levels.

“NIHL can be immediate or it can take a long time to be noticeable. It can be temporary or permanent, and it can affect one ear or both ears. Even if you can’t tell that you are damaging your hearing, you could have trouble hearing in the future, such as not being able to understand other people when they talk, especially on the phone or in a noisy room. Regardless of how it might affect you, one thing is certain: noise-induced hearing loss is something you can prevent.” –

I still remember when I was little and my grandmother told me that listening to music too loud could cause hearing loss. I was very surprised.  Well, it seems that word just isn’t getting out or that other’s suffer from surprise and disbelief too. The fact is, however, the emergence of noise induced hearing loss is a major public health concern.

Risk of Noise Induced Hearing Loss And How To Prevent It

Dave Russell is all too familiar with the fact that Noise Induced Hearing Loss is a real problem.  His own daughter was diagnosed with Noise Induced Hearing Loss and that is why he founded Puro Sound with the mission to eliminate Noise Induced Hearing Loss in children and teens.  His daughter’s doctors told them that the likely cause of her NIHL was listening to headphones too loud for too long. But as a parent, he knew that it was hard for a parent to know what was too loud.  He did his research and employed audiologists and audio engineers to produce high quality  headphones with a volume­ limiting mechanism to keep adolescents and teens in the under 85 decibel safe listening zone.

Genius, right?!  As a parent myself, I was aware of the dangers of headphone use but I was also unsure how to limit the volume since the headphones don’t mark the decible output.  Since much of this rise in teen hearing loss is attributed to Noise Induced Hearing Loss and it is preventable, this is a major break through.  Now the challenge is getting the word out.  I hope you will share this article with others you have kids and let them know about Noise Induced Hearing Loss and its increasing prevalence.

How can hearing loss be prevented?

  1.  Use lower volume when listening to music on headphones or ear buds. The highest volume setting on headphones is too loud and can lead to hearing loss. Use Puro Sound Labs Volume Limited Headphones so you don’t have to guess what “too loud” is.
  2. Wear foam earplugs when going to loud concerts. (Especially when you will be near the speakers!!)
  3. If engaging in loud recreational activities, such as riding on a snowmobile or hunting, use earmuffs.

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