Interchangeable earcups & USBC charging

PuroQuiets Plus

With ANC Technology

JuniorJams Plus

Now with USBC charging



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Welcome to Puro Sound Labs!

We take great pride in our products, from our classic and original BT2200 Top Rated Volume Limited Headphones for kids to our newest model, PuroPro Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Volume Limited Headphones for Adults.

We are a small family run company with big goals and we want to thank you for coming and checking out our products and getting started on the journey to combat Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in your family!

Teaching everyone that NIHL is 100% preventable with the right tools such as volume limited headphones is personal to us! When our founders youngest daughter started to have problems hearing as a teen and was diagnosed with NIHL leaving her partly deaf from listening to her headphones too loud he set out on a mission to make headphones that sounded great but could not go above the recommended listening level of 85dB.