Kulture City Partnership

Puro Sound Labs is proud to announce its partnership with KultureCity, the nation’s leading organization promoting autism awareness and acceptance. This partnership will feature a global social campaign and join forces with celebrities, influencers and companies to shift the autism conversation from awareness to acceptance…and provide safe listening devices from Puro Sound Labs to autistic children around the globe.  This first ever, large scale campaign will represent a positive reflection of autism aimed at gaining acceptance and inclusion within the community at large. 

Puro Sound Labs continues its ongoing commitment to KultureCity with its active participation in all sensory initiatives at major sporting/theater venues offering sensory relief with headphones and noise-reducing earmuffs.

Check out the KultureCity App to learn more about resources, help, and Sensory Inclusive™ locations. Available  for download on iOS or Android.


KultureCity.org has all the information on all programs that KultureCity has to offer: Toys Aucross America, Lifeboks, Tablet:Kulture, Sensory Inclusive, Sensory Inclusive App