Puro Sound Labs Audiologist Partnerships

We Want To Partner With You!

Join Puro Sound Labs to help us get the word out about NIHL
Puro Sound Labs is looking to partner with Audiologists, Doctors, Hearing and Speech Therapists, Teachers, and more, to help us spread awareness of Noise Induced Hearing Loss and the effect personal audio players, streaming, gaming, etc. has in causing it. We are committed to preventing NIHL through the use of volume limited headphones, hearing protection, and most importantly, education. We need your help!
What do you get when you become a partner?
By partnering with Puro Sound Labs, you would become a trusted source of information to our customers and be given access to the network of hearing health conscious families we have built over the past 5 years. By partnering with Puro, you will receive:
  • A place to advertise your practice to Puro customers under a “Trusted Partners” page on our site
  • A monthly highlight of your practice through a blog post on our site and email list
  • Social media shout outs  
  • Special value offers on our products to your patients and network
  • Commissions on any sales generated through your discount code or links to our website
  • Demo units to show your patients when they visit your offices 
  • Review units of new products to be a first adopter of healthy hearing products
What we want from you is simple, help us raise awareness of NIHL and how volume limited headphones can help prevent it in both children and adults!
If you are interested, please enter your email in the space below and we will reach out with more information and steps to get signed up.