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Hearing Protection Myths and Recommendations: The Lowdown from Two Rock-Star Audiologists

June 01, 2016

Fresh on the heels of Brian Johnson’s stunning departure from AC/DC’s current tour due to the threat of total deafness, many musicians will tell you that their hearing is extremely important, but few do anything to protect it. Why?

To find out, we sat down with audiologists Heather Malyuk, AuD, director of Sensaphonics Hearing Wellness and Michael Santucci, AuD, owner and founder of the company, about what every musician should know about their hearing. Malyuk and Santucci treat everyone from hobby musicians to legendary rock stars and Grammy winners, often seeing patients backstage when they tour through Chicago.

Malyuk likes to compare musicians to professional athletes. Professional athletes work hard to “protect their moneymaker;” they keep their bodies in shape and take care of them. She thinks musicians need to view their hearing the same way.

Yet, there tends to be a culture of silence in the music industry around the need to protect one’s hearing, and often, even secrecy and denial around issues of hearing loss and damage. Perhaps this is why everyone is reeling from Johnson’s revelation?

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