How Hearing Can Affect Your Overall Health

How Hearing Can Affect Your Overall Health

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) As the body ages, things change. Some are noticeable, but other changes may happen more gradually.

An estimated 48 million people in America have some degree of hearing loss.  McDonald Hearing Services is working hard to get them the treatment they need to live their lives to the fullest.

Hearing loss can come on gradually and may not be noticeable. In fact, people around you may notice the changes first. McDonald does free hearing screenings so you can get a baseline even if you don’t notice anything dramatic yet. They also work with physicians to educate them on hearing screenings and urge them to include them in regular physicals.

Hearing Loss Risk Factors

  • Smokers have a 70% higher risk
  • Twice as common in people with diabetes
  • Osteoporosis may impact middle ear bones
  • Heart health and low blood flow to inner ear can cause hearing loss
  • Hypertension may accelerate hearing loss

Dr. Pamela Keenan Au.D.  Doctor of Audiology at McDonald says some health conditions can make hearing loss worse.