Earphone culture leading to loss of hearing in young

Earphone culture leading to loss of hearing in young

Half of young people are showing early signs of hearing loss due to listening to "dangerously high" music on mobile phones and MP3 players, according to new research.

A third of the population is now listening to loud music on devices up to twice the safe limit.

One-in-four is experiencing symptoms of noise-induced hearing loss but this is especially worrying for youngsters, with half aged 18 to 24 showing the early signs.

The research among 1,003 adults was commissioned by Hidden Hearing to drive awareness for Hearing Awareness Week, which will see free hearing tests offered throughout the country from March 6 to 10.

Hearing experts recommend that people follow the 60/60 rule when listening to music on personal devices. This means listening at levels up to 60pc of maximum volume for a total of 60 minutes a day.

However, many of us listen to music on devices for almost two hours a day. A third listen at dangerous levels of over 100 decibels, the equivalent of a jet airplane taking-off or a rock concert.

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