Technology use could be hindering your hearing

Technology use could be hindering your hearing

Over the last 20 years, studies show children and adults have become increasingly more plugged in.

A roaring issue nationwide, the medical community wants you to lend an ear to one aspect of the subject: how the overuse of technology is impacting our ability to hear.

Pediatric oncologists say the issue is based on a lack of caution.

"If the sound is turned up too loud it can have temporary and sometimes irreversible damage to the hearing," Dr. Aiysha Balbosa said.

Hearing experts at Driscoll Children's Hospital say they've seen an increase in parents concerned that their children are experiencing hearing loss and speech delays.

"Either they are not talking at all or they are talking but their speech is not clear," Dr. Marie-Lys Cattanach said.

Doctors say hearing loss in the early childhood stages could be prevented with some common sense practices.

For example, watch the volume.

Continued exposure to loud and high pitch noises through the close range of headphones will cause damage to your hearing at an accelerated rate in comparison to exposure to everyday noises.

Experts urge parents to more closely monitor their children's headphone use.

"The danger is when they wear earbuds or earphones because then it's harder for you to monitor as a parent," Dr. Cattanach said.

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