Puro Sound Labs kids Bluetooth Wireless BT2200 headphones

Puro Sound Labs kids Bluetooth Wireless BT2200 headphones

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The Puro Sound Labs kids Bluetooth wireless BT2200 headphones are Bluetooth headphones that are primarily geared towards kids as in the name. Also, they are Bluetooth headphones that provide top-notch sound quality with great style and finesse. They are very intricate in design and sound.


Design & Functionality:

The Bluetooth headphones, as mentioned above, are catered towards kids as the size is smaller than that of headphones that are catered towards adults since their focus is to have the Bluetooth headphones fit kid’s heads comfortably and suitably. The dimensions of the Bluetooth headphones are as follows: 7.8 x 7.1 x 1.8 inches. Plus, they do not weigh much as they only weigh 5.4 ounces. So, size and weight will not pose any issues in regards to fit and comfortability. The design of the Bluetooth headphones is fantastic. They look and feel premium and durable. They are made of aluminum with the headband and earcups having a soft cushion material to provide comfort. The soft cushion material on the earcups also provides a means of blocking out background noise. The earcups can be rotated horizontally to allow the Bluetooth headphones to rest upon the user’s shoulders when not in use. The Bluetooth headphones can be purchased in either a gold/tan or silver/white color design. The left earcup has some integrated functions with there being buttons, a switch, and ports on there. For example, there is an on/off switch, volume up and down buttons, a Bluetooth button (used to pair a device, answer/end a call, reject a call, and pause/play music), a 3.5mm audio jack (to connect non-Bluetooth devices), and a micro USB port (used to charge the Bluetooth headphones). There is also a built-in microphone for hands-free calling and an integrated LED indicator on the left earcup as well. The headband can be adjusted quite a bit to provide a comfortable fit. The Bluetooth headphones have been crafted with 40mm custom dynamic drivers that are capable of providing studio grade sound quality. The main feature of the Bluetooth headphones is their Healthy Ears hearing protection. What this means is that the Bluetooth headphones will limit and prevent the audio from exceeding 85dBA as noise levels over 85dBA can lead to hearing loss over time.


The Bluetooth headphones performed exceptionally well. They are able to deliver top-notch sound quality proficiently and provide functionality that benefits the user immensely. For example, the sound quality that the Bluetooth headphones can deliver is clear and crisp. The Healthy Ears hearing protection properly limits the noise level to 85dBA and conforms to it. The microphone in conjunction with the hands-free calling feature worked perfectly. The audio sent and received during a call was clear and audible. Also, answering, ending, and rejecting a call was straightforward as a simple press of a button is all it takes to perform these actions. The soft cushion material on the earcups does a great job of blocking out background noise as the material is able to reduce 82% of sound at 1 kHz. This means that you do not have to increase the volume to high levels in order to be able to hear the audio in noisy environments as the material will block out a majority of the background noise effectively. The battery life of the Bluetooth headphones is really good. The Bluetooth headphones can be utilized for up to about 18 hours before requiring a recharge. Plus, the Bluetooth headphones can last up to about 200 hours on standby. The Bluetooth connection in terms of strength and stability is quite good. The Bluetooth connection can be maintained up to about 30 feet. Exceeding past this range will result in the connection becoming weak and disconnecting. Setting up the Bluetooth connection is a simple and effortless process as the process does not require extensive knowledge nor complicated tasks to be performed in order to enable and establish the connection between the Bluetooth headphones and a device.


The Puro Sound Labs kids Bluetooth wireless BT2200 headphones are terrific Bluetooth headphones. They are able to deliver crisp and clear audio and protect children’s hearing thanks to its healthy hearing protection system. The Bluetooth headphones have a great design in that they look stylish and that they are very comfortable to wear, even for prolong periods of time. Establishing a Bluetooth connection between the Bluetooth headphones and a device is an uncomplicated process. Also, the Bluetooth connection is pretty strong and stable as it is maintained throughout usage superbly. The battery life of the Bluetooth headphones is very solid and offers the convenience of not having to recharge it often. The hands-free calling feature is a nice feature in that you can answer a call without the need to remove the Bluetooth headphones to do so. The fact that it is easy to answer, end, and reject a call by means of pushing a simple button, adds to the convenience and the user’s ability to utilize this feature proficiently. So, the Bluetooth headphones are perfect for those who care about their children’s hearing, but at the same time want to provide their children with Bluetooth headphones that are stylish, can deliver studio grade audio quality, are durable and lightweight, and are able to offer excellent battery life and Bluetooth connectivity.

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