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High Quality, Great Looking and Hearing Savers Too!

August 24, 2015

High Quality, Great Looking and Hearing Savers Too!

-- Jim Louderback, TechnoBuffalo.com - "The best headphones have the ability to transport you away from wherever you are, and into the world of music, a movie or favorite TV show. After spending a few weeks with Puro’s latest two headphones, they are very clearly up to the task."

"...the IEM500s are pretty awesome. They sound great, fit well, and can double as a phone  headset as well in a pinch. What’s more, I’ve even started carrying the Puro earphones instead of my noise-cancelling Bose headphones on long trips. They do just as good a job of blocking noise, and don’t cause as much fatigue during a six hour flight."

BT2200 - "These $80 headphones are strongly recommended. With volume limited to 85db or less, a beautiful look, comfortable feel and great sound, they should be on every parent’s shopping list – and maybe yours as well."