"Put a Smile on Your Child's Face, with Safety on Their Ears"

"Put a Smile on Your Child's Face, with Safety on Their Ears"

"My daughter kept saying over and over, my headphones are so cool!  My headphones are so cool!"

"The only issue my daughter had was that my wife kept stealing them away from her. My wife would then keep saying how she wanted her own pair.  It was hard to tear the Puro BT2200 away from her so that my daughter could use them again.  My wife also was so impressed with the styling and how well they fit." 

Pros: Safe for Kids, Tough Build, Great Looks, Easy to Use Bluetooth, Long Battery Life

Cons: Hard Case is an Extra Purchase, Tight fit for Adults (but it is a kids headphone)

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"Overall SQ is one of refinement and class. Beautiful sounding as it is beautifully designed. A true gem."

BloodyPenguin, Head-Fi - 

"Flat Sound Signature, Deep Controlled Bass, Comfortable, Amazing Build, Great Looks, Crystal Clear SQ"

"...there is something to be said about a product designed this well.  A Masterpiece."

"Once in, they provide a wonderful seal, without any driver flex at all.  Wearing these for an extended time is a breeze."

"Flat, fast, crisp and lightly bright. The sound signature never gets in the way of producing music the way the original engineer designed."

"This is a great earphone.  It separates itself from all the other products out there..."