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"What's New, What's Hot"

May 29, 2015

"What's New, What's Hot"

Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Kid-Friendly Headphones: These unique headphones, which fold flat for travel, max out the volume at 85 dBA, which according to the manufacturer is the maximum sound level recommended by audiologists to prevent hearing loss. The Puro headphones, which use durable, lightweight aluminum in the ear pieces and headband (not plastic), block out ambient noise (just the thing for use aboard an airplane), allow for Bluetooth or wired connectivity and have an 18-hour battery life (200 hours of standby). Crafted with 40mm dynamic drivers to provide, in Puro's words, "studio grade audio," the BT 2200 can be optimized to customize the sound with the use of a free Puro EQ ap. $79.99; www.purosound.com.