Best Wireless Headphone Picks

Best Wireless Headphone Picks

We talk to the experts at the Wirecutter to find out the best wireless headphones in a variety of categories.

Need a new pair of headphones? If you think Apple's AirPods are the only game in town, think again!

We consulted the experts at the reviews website Wirecutter to learn about their recommended headphones in a variety of categories. We spoke to Lauren Dragan, a writer who spent many years reviewing high end audio products for Sound & Vision. She now spends her days testing hundreds of pairs of headphones. Here are her picks, which you can also find on the Wirecutter website.

Best Headphones for Kids: Puro BT2200

They limit the sound to an ear friendly safe 85 decibels.

"Once it gets to that top safe level, they can’t get any louder," said Dragan.

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