Gadget User Reviews PuroPro

Gadget User Reviews PuroPro

Protect Your Eardrums with the Puro Pro Headphones

September 29, 2020

There has always been a fierce debate as to how loud is too loud but this argument is no longer an issue thanks to the release of the Puro Pro headphones which is designed to prevent audio being raised to a dangerous level.

Puro Labs have designed the Puro Pro to avoid placing excess stress on the users hearing by limiting the volume of any audio to a maximum of 85Db-95Db – the highest sound rating issued by many international bodies at which someone can safely listen to noise without damaging their hearing.

To ensure that audio isn’t drowned out by other sounds, there are noise reduction tools built into the headphones that can allow external sounds to be reduced by up to 32db ensuring that you only ever hear what is coming from the speakers.

Alongside the noise purification features, the Puro Pro has a lot of talking points to benefit the user’s listening experience such as:

  • The speakers themselves are powered by 40mm drivers and are designed in a curved nature to promote the different sound layers whether it be treble, bass, drums or vocal lines.
  • To enhance comfort, the speakers are covered with leather to ensure they are easily worn for hours at a time whilst the frame can be compacted down for easy storage whilst travelling
  • The whole set-up can be used for hours on end with a minimum battery life of 28 hours and the Bluetooth 5.0 will allow it to connect with a range of different devices.

By ensuring volume is kept at safe levels without compromising on audio quality, the Puro Pro headphones are the perfect listening device that allows you to enjoy your music without anyone having to tell you to turn it down.


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