Homeschooling & Surviving Ideas

Homeschooling & Surviving Ideas

Have your spring break plans been canceled? Schools canceled? Outings canceled? Here are some ideas to help make it a tiny bit easier with everyone home together and working still necessary!

Hi, Ashley here, as a mother of two whos school has now been canceled after a week of spring break I needed some ideas to help keep my children entertained so I can still work and I thought maybe you needed some ideas too!!



1. Educational apps!

We use "Teach Monster" with my 6-year-old and he LOVES it! 

Check your app store for educational apps for your kids.

2. Tablet and Headphones

Always a great way to keep kids entertained while you are on a call or need to send an email! 

Since all of our headphones are volume limited to 85 dB you know their hearing is not being damaged from having the volume too loud!

3. Podcasts! We listen to them as a family while we play Legos and clean the house!

"Wow In The World" is a favorite right now at our house.

More we like:

Pants on Fire, six_minutes, Tumble, Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls, What If World, Forever Ago, Brains On!, The Story Seeds Podcast

4. Audio Books! 

The kid's books are great on audible! You must check out @everydayreading on Instagram with her book reviews for kids and adults to get some great ideas!

Her daughter Ella gives great reviews on books that she enjoys!!

 5. Coloring Pages

If you are already in for the week with no plans go to out again digital coloring pages are truly amazing! We love @radandhappy and her digital coloring pages that are great to print and use with a coloring app on your tablet or Ipad. We use Procreate and have so much fun with it as a family!

We like to color while listening to podcasts and audiobooks, keeps our minds entertained and our hands busy.

6. Videogames will be played

Gaming is something kids are super into, Minecraft, Fortnight,!!

That is why we developed our PuroGamer volume-limited gaming headphones 


Let be real kids are going to be getting extra screen time over the next few weeks just to save all of our sanity! So make sure their hearing is being protected and they are using the right headphones while doing so!! 

Some headphones say they limit the volume but have a switch that can be changed by kids, ours do not have that they ONLY go to 85 dB and no higher! So you KNOW they can not turn the volume up to unsafe levels.

Using the right headphones is an easy and safe fix we as parents can do to help our kids not damage their hearing!


Oh and wash your hands!!