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Buying Kids Headphones - What To Look For

November 01, 2017

Buying Kids Headphones - What To Look For

Thinking of buying kids headphones? Here are the top 6 things to look for.

1. Volume Limiting
Remember, sounds above 85 decibels (dBA)can cause irreversible hearing damage, so any headphones that don’t limit volume below that threshold can harm your kid. Puro Sound Labs engineers our headphones to limit volume to a maximum of 85 dBA, so your kids can listen safely all day long.

2. Sound Quality
If you’re paying good money for kids headphones, you better get some darn good sound quality in return. Not all headphones are created equally: the cheaper ones might save you a few bucks, but music will sound much worse. With Puro Sound headphones, the sound is just that - pure.


3. Long-Battery Life
If your child’s headphones die while she’s using them, she isn’t going to wait until they are recharged to keep listening to her show or song. She’s going to grab the closest pair and in doing so potentially endangers her hearing. With a battery that supports 18 hours of continuous playback, rest assured that Puro headphones will be ready for your kids whenever they’re ready to listen.

4. Wireless & Bluetooth
Your kids are kids and that means they’re going to be running around doing kid stuff. You know what doesn’t mesh well with energetic kids? Cords and wires. That’s why our BT2200 headphones are wireless and bluetooth enabled. Let your kids play without getting snagged.

5. Durable
What do kids like to do almost as much as play? Break stuff. That’s why we built Puro Sound Labs headphones to be the most durable kids headphones on the market. Our headphones can take a pounding and still keep your loved one’s hearing safe. We even include a carrying case for extra protection while traveling with your headphones.


6. Stylish Design
Let’s face it, your kid probably doesn’t care about the long-term damage of noise-induced hearing loss and trying to convince them to wear a pair of headphones for their safety probably won’t work. Yet, we’re not just about safety here at Puro Sound Labs, we’re about design too. As such, our headphones are so stylish your kids will want to wear them. We call that a win-win.