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Kids Headphones: The Gift Your Kids Want and Need

November 29, 2017



Looking for the perfect gift for kids this holiday season? A gift that the kid will be thrilled to receive and that you will feel good about giving?

How about the gift of safe hearing? With Puro Sound Labs volume-limited headphones, kids get a stylish, studio-grade pair of headphones and you get the peace of mind that they won't be damaging their hearing.


Kids headphones make an awesome holiday gift, and we're not the only one who thinks so. See what our friends are saying about the best headphones for kids.

New York Times

"We had two groups of kids, ages 2 to 3 and 4 to 11, test the top 30 pairs of children's headphones. The Puro BT2200 were the best. They were among the few that properly limited volume to safe levels in both wired and wireless listening modes."

Business Insider

"These headphones are also ideal for kids because they are noise limiting, producing a maximum volume output of 85 decibels, a level too low to cause hearing damage. But while designed for kids, these are not cheap headphones, but are indeed studio-quality hardware."

Boston Herald

"These are well-made, lightweight and -- probably most-important, comfortable Bluetooth headphones that do not look like they are made for kids."


"the wonderful sound is matched by standout comfort, thanks to a lightweight aluminum build that’s superior to the typical plastic build quality of competing kid headsets."

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