Made For Mums Top Pick For Wired & Wireless Headphones

Made For Mums Top Pick For Wired & Wireless Headphones

10 of the best kids headphones

Whether you're looking wired or wireless Bluetooth headphones, we've chosen the best options perfect for using at home or traveling on the go

By using a great pair of headphones with your kids, rather than a speaker on a tablet, phone or TV, it affords you some calm but it also allows your child to be more immersed. This allows for greater focus, with media coming from all angles, and is a skill that will serve them well in later life.

Compared to standard headphones these kids ones will also offer sound limitations, meaning their ears are protected as they can never turn the volume too loud.

We’ve chosen both wired (more affordable) and wireless (easier to use) headphones. Most are the over-ear variety meaning they’ll fit comfortably – making them ideal for things like long car journeys.

Choosing headphones for kids

  • When deciding which headphones are best for your child there are a few things to take into consideration. The most important is safety. So, if you think the wire of a wired headphone could get tangled as your child uses it, then you might feel more at ease going for a pair of wireless headphones. That will mean another gadget to charge but in the long run it may serve you better.
  • Volume limiting is also a nice kid-specific feature, as this will protect your children’s hearing by stopping them from playing anything too loudly. The World Health Organisation says the safety limit should be set at a maximum of 85 dB.
  • Comfort is also important as your child may wear these for a long while, meaning they will want a good fit. Padding the ears is important here as some can offer more protection from pressing on the head and ears than others. With growing ears, freedom to find flex is important here. There are also variations in material covers with some more breathable than others.
  • Of course durability is also a factor. If you know these cans are going to get thrown about, torn off the head and possibly even wet, then you may want to go for a pair that are specifically made to last.

Here is our pick of the best wireless headphones for kids

1. PuroQuiet Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, £89.99, best for volume limiting

Battery Life: 22 hours without noise-cancelling/16 hours with noise cancelling | Volume Limit: 85dB

Puro Sound Labs makes headphones specifically for children, meaning they’re tailored to suit their needs but, more importantly yours too.

The most primary of those needs, of course, is your child’s safety which is why these come with volume limiters to protect your little one’s ears. While sound quality is high and battery life is 16 hours you also get an 85 dB limit on sound as well as passive noise cancellation. That’s enough to help your child focus but not so much that they can’t hear you when needed.

These made our MadeForMums awards and tester Jasmin Louis said: “These are wonderful headphones – perfect if you’re worried that your child ears will get damage from the high volumes, also great to use when out on train or bus as the background noise is blocked out.”

Available from: Amazon


Here is our pick of the best wired headphones for kids

1. PuroBasic Wired Volume Limited Headphones, £19.99, best for quality on a budget

Volume Limit: 85dB



Puro Sound Labs might have some of the best wireless headphones out there for kids but it also makes more budget friendly wired cans too. These headphones have the 85 dB sound limiting protection you’d expect from the brand as well as quality clear sound. A vegan leather cushion covering makes these comfortable even for longer periods of time and also makes them tough.

The sound quality is guaranteed and you get a 1 year warranty as standard with these over-ear headphones that come in 4 bright colour options. One parent said: “My 6 year-old daughter is very happy with these headphones. ‘They’re so comfy!’ Will one day replace them with another set!”

Available from: Amazon


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