MMORPG Review on PuroGamer

MMORPG Review on PuroGamer
PuroGamer Volume Limited Gaming Headset Review: Great for Kids
If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been told most of your life to turn the volume down. Now that I’m grown up with kids of my own, I can finally see the wisdom in what those adults were telling me. Today, we’re looking at a gaming headset that aims to help do exactly that with the Puro Sound Labs PuroGamer Volume Limited Gaming Headset. Maxing out at 85dB, the PuroGamer will let you game for hours without worry. At $69.99, is it the headset for you?


  • Current Price: $69.99 (Official Site, Amazon)
  • Type of headphone: Over-ear headset
  • Plugs: USB & 3.5mm
  • Frequency response: 20Hz - 18KHz
  • Speaker diameter: 40mm
  • Speaker impedance: 32ohms
  • Speaker sensitivity: -35dB 33dB
  • Cable length: 140cm, USB split cable length 20cm, 3.5mm plug split cable length 20cm
  • Warranty: 1-year


Puro Sound Labs is somewhat of a newcomer to the audio world but with noble aspirations and an elegant style, they’ve gained a decent amount of attention. Puro’s focus goes beyond delivering exceptional audio products and into protecting your hearing. After seeing his daughter suffer from hearing loss from listening to headphones that were too loud for too long, founder, Dave Russell, decided to do something about it and deliver a line of headphones, headsets, and earplugs that could be enjoyed without also being dangerous. 

Enter the PuroGamer Volume Limited Gaming Headset. They’re compatible with every major platform and will never allow the sound to exceed 85dB. You can game for hours anywhere you please and never have to worry. This makes it an especially good fit for kids who may not be conscious of the damage loud volume does to their ears.


I have to admit that I had mixed feelings when I first encountered the headset online. A volume-limited gaming headset flies in the face a core tenet of most audio gear: headroom, not limitations. At the same time, the headset was one of the best looking I’d seen in some time. They were simple and refined. Something that wouldn’t make you look silly wearing them. They were also priced right at only $69.99.

I’ll say this right away: if you’re worried about the headset being too quiet, don’t be. I was surprised to find that 85dB is almost exactly where I usually listen to music and games. There was never a case where the PuroGamer left me wanting in sheer volume. That said, I did need to run it at 100% most of the time, which means that if I did want to turn it up, I wasn’t able to. If you already have some hearing loss, then these definitely will not be the headphones for you.

I’m also impressed by the overall fit and finish. The headset is lightweight but uses a steel headband so it’s very flexible and doesn’t creak at all. The yokes are metal and attach into a plastic hinge which feels solid. It’s also well padded with vegan leather ear cushions that do a good job of isolating outside noise. They do hold a good amount of heat, so venting is necessary from time to time.


Puro also did an excellent job with the overall aesthetic of the headset. It’s matte black everywhere except the outer face of the earcups which is milled in reflective concentric circles and trimmed with a silver bevel. The outer rim of that is illuminated with a thin blue circle that matches the end of the detachable microphone. The cable is braided, which does look nice, but creates a bit of drag and has a chunky in-line remote to control the mic and volume.

When it comes to how they actually sound, the PuroGamer has definitely tuned these to provide an edge in gaming. That means boosted mids and highs so team callouts and important cues like footsteps are pushed to the front of the mix. The bass is a quite light and lacks some of the punch and rumble I enjoy for cinematic, action-packed moments. The headset is resilient to EQ, however, so it’s easily fixable but the PuroGamer is the antithesis of the average bass-boomer gaming headset stereotype.


The only area the headset really falls short is the microphone. It’s noise-cancelling, which is good if you play in a noisey environment. At the same time, it applies too much compression to your voice and made me sound nasally. I was also suprised to find that it really didn’t matter whether I connected over USB or the 3.5mm jack. The microphone will work for basic Discord calls but is put to shame but many other competing headsets on the market today.

Final Thoughts

The PuroGamer gaming headset occupies a unique place in the market. The longer I sit with it, the more I feel like its absolute best use is with children. Don’t misunderstand, I was able to have some great games with the Puro, but at the same time, my best impression comes from giving something like this to my son or daughter. As an adult, I don’t really need volume limiting headset. I can manage that myself. My kids are another story and that’s where a headset like this shines.


  • Ensures safe volume levels - great for kids
  • Tuned for footsteps and small details for competitive games
  • Comfortable and lightweight


  • Not enough bass
  • Microphone is compressed and nasally


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