Noise induced hearing loss can affect children's speech development

Noise induced hearing loss can affect children's speech development

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss is the loss of hearing caused by loud sound, where elements of the auditory process are irrevocably damaged, leading to a significant reduction in hearing perception. While noise-induced hearing loss can begin with minor effects, continued exposure to loud sound can exacerbate the condition and further reducing hearing ability. This cumulative effect can eventually result in significant hearing loss.

Noise-induced hearing loss is particularly a problem for children and can have a dramatic effect, especially on younger children, as even a minor decrease in hearing ability can cause problems in a child’s speech development. This has been seen in studies carried out around the world, where young children suffering from noise-induced hearing loss can lag behind in development in those crucial early years in speech education and is detrimental to all stages of development that follow.

There are many causes of noise-induced hearing loss among children. Consuming media through headphones, loud sports and music events, and phone dependence are all far more common now than ever before, not just for adults, but for children too. In all of these situations, children can be subject to loud noises - loud enough to cause significant damage. However, that does not mean children should not be able to participate in these events – there are precautions to keep children safe, including the Puro Sound Labs decibel-limiting headphones.

For concerts, movie theaters, or sports events, you can find “muffler” earmuffs that reduce the decibel-level of the noises during these events such as Puro Sound Labs PuroCalm earmuffs. The best children’s headphones for this type of effect are smart and comfortable, so your child can enjoy the experience but still be protected from harmful volume.

However, that does not address the main cause of noise-induced hearing loss - enjoying media through tech devices and headphones. The problem is that regular headphones do not have a safe decibel limit and children tend to turn up the music as loud as the headphones will allow. If a child turns the volume up too far, for too long, they can suffer noise-induced hearing loss. So what can you do?

The answer is Puro Sound Labs’ decibel-limiting children headphones, which have a built-in volume limiter to keep volume at safe levels for children, no matter how far they turn the volume dial. At Puro Sound Labs, we make a range of kid’s wireless headphones that provide the safety of volume limiting to prevent accidental hearing damage. Our comfortable and easy to use kid’s Bluetooth headphones come in a variety of colors and styles to capture your child’s imagination.

The beauty is more than skin deep with these headphones too. Puro Sound Labs’ products are widely considered to be some of the best kid’s headphones on the market. These headphones are incredibly effective at protecting your child’s hearing, but also offer unparalleled sound and comfort that your children will love.

It is imperative to protect your child’s hearing. Whether its “muffler” earmuffs at a concert or a pair of decibel-limiting kid’s headphones, Puro Sound Labs offers the right product to protect your child’s healthy hearing for the future.