Puro Sound Lab's SWEET PuroQuiet headphones... Reviewed!

Puro Sound Lab's SWEET PuroQuiet headphones... Reviewed!

Damn. Wait a minute... these are for kids? Consider me jealous.

So this package arrived at the studio recently... and I think I may have opened it up before the delivery guy got back to his truck. I was super curious about the quality. If two year old's are going to be handling these things... they have to be durable... but... how good do they sound? Let's find out!

These are the very first pair of headphones she's ever put on (ever)... but she's a toddler and... I'm super cautious about that sort of thing because noise-induced hearing loss is a very real thing. Luckily the nifty people at Puro Labs don't want anyone else to suffer those consequences after the unfortunate hearing loss of someone near and dear to them.
So Clemi helped me out with this review and looked super cute in the process. I know the company only allows the volume to go up so high with the limiter, but I had to double check the volume before I placed them on her ears. She had them on, danced a bit, took them off, and... put them back on again in order to listen once more.
Usually, I like to dive in and listen to a variety of audio myself, but... I more so wanted to see what her reaction would be. She was highly amused, and her expressions speak for themselves (as seen in this 3-month old photo of her).

She didn't want to take them off... which confirmed that they were comfy.

So instead of dealing with a potential tantrum... I let her enjoy a show. After the little song towards the end of the show, she took them off and put them around her neck. Dude... I was... super proud.

She didn't have to be instructed to put them around her neck either, so it really tripped me out (I geeked). The ear cups swivel and lay flat with no chin scrubbing at all (it's not that annoying partial swivel). Afterward, she got out of her little chair... handed me the headphones and ran over to her toys. So it was my turn to check them out.

You might be thinking... "How can you fit them on your adult-sized noggin when they're for kids?", and I'm glad you ask. The PuroQuiet headphones are geared to children, but... they're adjustable so that adults can also wear them (senior citizens included).

I think this was a great idea because you can literally share headphones with your children... and if you take care of the PuroQuiet's, they should last. I'll get to the quality in a bit.

So anyway, I adjust the headphones... put them on and they fit without being forced or giving my head an unnecessary bear hug. I turn them back on (with the flip of the switch) and they connect to my phone immediately. Thumbs up.
Sound 5                Quality 5                  Comfort 5                  Price 5
5 out of 5 Cool Points