Puro Sound Teams With KultureCity to Help Autistic Kids

Puro Sound Teams With KultureCity to Help Autistic Kids
KultureCity named Puro Sound Labs their first Certified Sensory Inclusive business!


Puro Sound Labs, the San Diego-based maker of kid-safe headphones, has partnered with autism advocate KultureCity to help bring awareness to sensory sensitivity and offer hearing protection for autistic children at more than 150 entertainment venues around the country.

PuroCalm sound-isolating earmuffs are being included in the “sensory inclusion” bags KultureCity provides to ensure safe listening levels at concerts, sporting venues, zoos, aquariums, playgrounds, and other potentially loud environments. The earmuffs can also provide relief from sensory overload.

"Loud venues can create challenges for parents who are conscience of their child's hearing health, especially those with sensory-related sensitivities," said Puro Sound Labs founder and CEO, Dave Russell. “We're proud to partner with organizations like KultureCity and provide technology that helps these children comfortably experience the live events that most of us take for granted."

Sensory sensitivity can interfere with an individual's ability to appreciate public events and lead to social isolation, the companies said in a news release, which cited a pilot study showing that the creation of quiet zones and the provision of "sensory bags" with earmuffs can improve an afflicted person’s overall interaction and experience.


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