The Best Kids Headphones

The Best Kids Headphones

Wirecutter Names Puro Sound Labs BT2200 as the #1 Reviewed Kids Headphone

As a New York Times company, Wirecutter is reputable for their unbiased, well-researched reviews of consumer products. Puro Sound Labs is excited to announce their review of the BT2200 as the top choice for kids headphones.

This review is the impressive result of over 80 hours of research from Lauren Dragan and Brent Butterworth of Wirecutter, comparing more than 50 different kids headphones. See the full review, research, and sources here.

The BT2200 stands out from the competition with:

  • Verified safe listening levels for children’s ears
  • Sturdy, durable aluminum design - no more cheap plastic headphones
  • Wireless and corded capabilities
  • Adjustable size  for children from ages 2 ½ to 11 - no need to replace headphones as they grow
  • 30-day money back guarantee and a one-year warranty.
  • 18 hours of battery life

Noise-induced hearing loss is a common concern for kids using regular headphones at unsafe levels. The BT2200’s easy Bluetooth connection means that, when paired correctly, Puro Sound Labs will play everything at safe volume levels, no matter what your young ones are plugged into. Not only did they meet the Wirecutter’s volume-limiting testing standards, they were also rated as top pick from the kids panelist!

Parents everywhere are aware and making informed, well-researched decisions when it comes to products their children use. With the prevalence of electronics, kids need a headphone option that is trusted, tested, and made with them in mind.

Kid-friendly is getting a whole new meaning at Puro Sound Labs - see why we are #1 with our latest in volume controlled and noise cancelling headphones here.


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