The risk of loud noise

The risk of loud noise

Every day, around 30 million American workers have to deal with very loud sound volume in their work environment, loud enough to be harmful without adequate protection. This may be construction workers operating drills or other equipment, train drivers and other machinery operators. It can be workers outside on a site, or machinery operators inside a factory, all of them face the same risks every day.

But how does loud noise cause hearing problems? The volume of noise we hear is measured in decibels (dB), the louder the volume, the more violently the hair cells in our ears vibrate. Above 85 dB, that vibration can shear the hair cells, and every hair cell damaged in this way means less effective hearing. Because such damage is permanent, this can have a devastating effect in the long term.

It is worth remembering that the effect of hearing damage from excessive noise, known as noise-induced hearing loss, is not instant unless the volume is incredibly loud, instead, it has a cumulative effect. For instance, a 90 dB volume constantly over an 8-hour working day would damage hearing.

For heavy machinery operators, site workers and millions of others, the risk of that hearing damage is with them every day, so how do they combat it? Ear protectors, they insulate the ears from the noise around the wearer, reducing the level of volume to safer levels. 

However, loud noise in the street or in a work environment is not the only place where we need to watch for excessive noise. Listening to phones and music players through headphones can be a risk too, with volume turned up they can reach as high as 130 dB, far into the harmful range. So, whether your child is listening to music, watching video or playing games through headphones, if they turn the volume up to far, there is the potential to cause permanent hearing damage.

The thing is, when your children are listening to anything through headphones, you can’t always watch them every second, and no matter how much you warn them, volume levels can get turned up to loud, even by accident. So, to protect your children’s ears, you need some help. Puro Sound Labs have the answer, with their range of volume limiting kid’s headphones. These are smart, comfortable, high quality kid’s Bluetooth headphones that they can use with any device, but that also protect their hearing because they limit the listening level to 85 dB.

Think of these kid’s wireless headphones as working a little like ear protectors, they stop the volume getting loud enough to damage hearing, and they do that with built-in circuitry. No matter how far the volume is turned up on the device, these Bluetooth kid’s headphones never let the volume go beyond 85 dB.

For keeping your child’s hearing protected, the Puro Sound Labs range are the best kid’s headphones available today, offering great looks, fantastic comfort and peace of mind protection for your child’s hearing.