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Best Headphones For Children 2019- Parentology
THE BEST HEADPHONES FOR CHILDREN 2019 by Bennett O'Brien   Headphones are now a part of most kid’s lives, and although they can be useful, they also pose a significant health risk to your child’s hearing. This is why it’s important...
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The best kids' headphones you can buy
Why you'll love them: The Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Kids Headphones deliver audio quality that rivals or surpasses most headphones designed for adults. My son has a pair of Puro Labs BT2200 headphones, and I swear if the things were just a bit...
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Audible Membership
We have a great Audible membership opportunity!! You get 2 free audiobooks when you first join audible with our link! HERE We have a lot of books being read at all times. We have books we listen to in the...
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