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PuroCalm™ Earmuffs Adjustable Hearing Protectors

For every pair of PuroCalm you buy we donate one to The KultureCity® Sensory Inclusive™ program, allows individuals with autism and other sensory needs the ability to see and experience all the things the world has to offer.


Puro Sound Labs PuroCalm Kids Earmuffs

Tailored with Optimal Silence, Comfort and Safety

Puro Sound Labs PuroCalm kids earmuffs are tailored to protect children from suffering loud and harmful noise, ensuring 27 dB NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) for effective kids hearing protection. Especially designed and sized for children aging from 3 to 16 years old, PuroCalm features heavily padded, rotatable and foldable ear pads.

The lightweight and low-profile design combines with fashion colors, so your kids won’t feel awkward to put the earmuffs on while still remain stylish and cute.

Puro Sound Labs PuroCalm Features

  • 27 dB NRR noise reduction
  • Adjustable and rotatable design
  • Ample cushioned ear pads
  • Foldable design for travelling
  • Fashion appearance with stylish colors
  • Secure fit but not over snug

Effective Hearing Protection for Kids

Durable Yet Fashionable