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HTG Explains: Why Your Kids Should Be Using Volume Limiting Headphones

July 20, 2015

Portable devices like iPads, MP3 players, and the like are all capable of outputting sound at a level high enough to damage your hearing. While adults (should) know better and turn the volume down, kids often don’t. Read on as we show you how to protect your kids’ hearing with volume limiting headphones.

Why Does It Matter?

Generally when we think about hearing loss we think about heavy machinery, a trip to the gun range without proper ear protection, or other loud and immediately painful noises. Most people don’t suffer hearing loss in a single catastrophic moment like firing off a large bore rifle without ear plugs in, however, they suffer hearing loss over time via slow but dangerous exposure to loud noises just loud enough to damage their ears but not loud enough to alarm them. Years of mowing lawns without ear protection, listening to headphones at maximum volume, and attending concerts with skyscraper-sized sound systems are all the kind of things that contribute to slow, progressive, and irreversible hearing loss.